Open AI platform Setup

Create an OpenAI API key

This comprehensive guide helps you on setting up the OpenAI platform for the Events Optimizer Pro Plugin.
It walks you through register an OpenAI account and creating an OpenAI API key.

Login to the OpenAI platform

Login in to the OpenAI platform with your OpenAI account.

If you don’t have one, create it for free here.


Step 1: Create an OpenAI API key

The OpenAI platform screen will appear.

Click on “API keys” on the left sidebar and then “+Create new secret key”.

Screenshot of a user interface for "project api keys" in a software application, highlighting the option to create a new api key.

Give the API key a useful name that you can assign it later, e.g. Events Optimizer

Select a project. Leave if on the default project if you haven’t created a project yet.

Click on “Create secret key”.

User interface for creating a new secret key with fields for name, project, and permissions, and buttons for canceling or creating the key.

Click on “Copy” to copy the API key to the clipboard

Screenshot of an api key on a webpage with a "copy" button highlighted to the right, and "save your key" instructions and permissions text visible.

Step 2: Paste the OpenAI API into you Events Optimizer Pro settings

Open the settings page of the Events Optimizer Pro Plugin.

Paste the API key in the field shown.

Click “Save” at the end of the page.

Screenshot of a webpage showing settings for api credentials with fields for openai api key, google api key, and dataforseo api password, containing text instructions and links.